Desert Dreams Bellydance
Sydney | Australia | 0407 254 978 | 0409 320 409

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Desert Dreams Bellydance

Your raqs sharqi teachers, performers, entertainers

Dynamic and dreamy Cherishing celebration

  • Teachers of weekly classes and workshops
  • Steady performers at family restaurants around Sydney
  • Entertainers at kids parties, hens parties, weddings and other celebrations
  • Regular guests at stage shows for local dance schools, fundraisers, and Middle Eastern dance events

Engaging and enthusiastic Sharing joy through dance

“Absolutely brilliant and beautiful performance last night, dream girls!” Georgia

“Beautifully synchronized performance ladies, really lovely.” Virginia Keft

“She is enjoying the classes immensely. She absolutely loves you – your friendliness and encouragement, and also how you are able to give everyone a bit of individual attention.” Inspire! Bellydance Fundamentals Class, Roselands, student

Check them out for yourself at photos and videos pages or at upcoming dance events advertised through their Facebook page.